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Dmitry Kaminskiy Participates in Advisory Board Meeting with All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain

In the beginning of 2018, UK Parliamentary members established the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain in order to better coordinate the work of multiple initiatives by Government and Non-Governmental organizations. This committee regularly organizes meetings with leaders of the industry and top experts.

On July 16th 2018 Dmitry Kaminskiy was invited to participate in an APPG on Blockchain Advisory Board Meeting in Parliament, which brought together several members of Parliament as well as UK Government representatives.

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The meeting was devoted to discussing the importance and impact of the Blockchain in UK Industry Landscape Overview 2018 (a landmark analytical report produced by Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics in coordination with the APPG on Blockchain), as well as how multiple government bodies are now conducting research and analysis on the development of the blockchain and cryptoeconomy industry within the UK, and how the APPG on Blockchain should adjust its own internal focus and allocation of resources on the matter, given the work that other bodies are already doing on the topic.


Kaminskiy highlighted the fact that just the creation of a single catalogue of all ongoing initiatives in Parliament, Government and Think Tanks would create strong opportunities for synergetic coordination among all existing entities rather than competition and repetition, wherein the APPG on Blockchain can become the center of gravity to better coordinate all major UK initiatives from Government, industry and citizens in an optimized and synergetic manner, in order to deliver maximum acceleration of the industry's development and growth, for the interest of all stakeholders and the national economy.

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