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“The future of the longevity industry not only has the logical potential to become the wealthiest industry in all of history, but also represents the most ethical way of doing business.”  - Dmitry Kaminskiy, in Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Volume II: The Business of Longevity (Global Longevity Consortium, 2018)

“The one billion retired people globally are a multi-trillion dollar opportunity for business." - Dmitry Kaminskiy interview in the Financial Times.

"In linking ageing and radioresistance and tying together research into enhancing the radioresistance of astronauts with the extension of healthy longevity, we hope to have shown how aerospace research could be used to leapfrog the massive funding deficit surrounding the clinical translation of healthspan-extending interventions, in order to brave the storm of the oncoming Silver Tsunami and prevent the looming economic crisis posed by demographic aging" - Dmitry Kaminskiy in Roadmap to enhance radioresistance for space colonization, Science News, 2017.

“The upcoming Aging Societies 2016 forum of The Economist in London on November 29-30 2016 and the similar Business of Longevity conference on December 7th 2016 signals the increasing interest in longevity science among investors and economists and is a testament to how trendy and, indeed, even mainstream the topic is becoming. This conference is important for the future of the Longevity Industry because The Economist is a very conservative and very policy-making journal, and the outlook of the industry that is presented by The Economist could have a large impact on the overall outlook of the industry’s future by investors and economists. It is therefore imperative that analysis that take place on the future of the industry is realistic, giving due concern not only to the real opportunities from both an economic and humanitarian standpoint, but also to the real concerns and risks that the industry faces as well” - Dmitry Kaminskiy in Global Trends - The Rising Longevity Industry.

“Aging is the ultimate evil. To invest in Anti-Aging technologies is the most ethical business, and to donate to longevity research is the most effective form of altruism. The future of the longevity industry not only has the logical potential to become the wealthiest industry in all of history, but also represents the most ethical way of doing business.”  - Dmitry Kaminskiy, in Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Volume II: The Business of Longevity (Global Longevity Consortium, 2018)

“A mere three years ago the rise of the Longevity Industry was yet unthinkable. Now, a mere few years later, it has become unthinkable to consider biomedicine without healthy longevity. The time has come to establish a framework for the rising Longevity Industry. ” - Dmitry Kaminskiy, in Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Volume II: The Business of Longevity (Global Longevity Consortium, 2018)

“Given the increasing cost of drug discovery, development and clinical evaluation, it is clear that the clinical translation of geroprotective interventions will be increasingly led by the private sector, and by parties who have the resources to sustain the increasing financial burden of bringing truly effective longevity therapeutics to market.” - Dmitry Kaminskiy, in Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Volume II: The Business of Longevity (Global Longevity Consortium, 2018)

“Today, FinTech for social good, and in 2018, Blockchain for social good, are rising trends that are attracting significant attention from both governments, NGOs, companies and investors alike. It represents more than just financial inclusion; it represents a clear path toward humanitarian good, and towards accelerating the socioeconomic development of underdeveloped countries so as to give them greater opportunities for acquiring basic human amenities.” - Dmitry Kaminskiy in Financial Inclusion Developing World Landscape Overview (Deep Knowledge Analytics, 2018)‍

“There have been many well documented efforts to predict the future of biomedical progress, but is there any good reason why the same logic could not be applied for the financial sphere? Many thought leaders have made reasoned predictions on how some fragments of collapsing financial systems will evolve, adapt and adjust to increasing life expectancy.  We should work to assemble the framework of scenarios regarding the evolution of financial system in the next 10 years, and create the pathways that will be able to neutralize collapses and accelerate the dynamic of progress of the longevity industry, with a focus on extension of healthy period of life for the betterment of all of humanity.” - Dmitry Kaminskiy, in Longevity Industry Landscape Overview Volume II: The Business of Longevity (Global Longevity Consortium, 2018)

“It was a challenging but extremely interesting duty to serve as a judge at the companies competition alongside such progressive yet well-respected firms as Illumina Ventures and DXdigital Ventures. The two semi-finalists, Abreos and Immusoft, were in fact my two favourite contenders from the very beginning. Such a great concentration of bright minds and advanced technology at the very forefront of biomedicine! It is notable that the intersection of AI and Precision Medicine emerged as a major focus of PMWC this year, and foreshadows the future of the healthcare industry in general, which will be majorly disrupted by the convergence of AI for drug discovery and biomarker development, and the paradigm shift from treatment to prevention ushered in by emerging technologies in the expanding sphere of precision medicine, leading to an era of AI-empowered Precision Health” - Dmitry Kaminskiy in Industry leaders align on the future of precision medicine.

“The fact that very well-renowned and respected brands such as The Economist and Financial Times are now regularly hosting conferences and panel discussions on the subject of ageing shows the credibility building around the business of longevity. A mere three years ago optimism toward the real emergence of geroscience and longevity was very low, and it was nearly unthinkable that this topic could be included in the agenda of top-tier conferences whatsoever. But the outlook has now changed, and healthspan extension is now a logical topic of discussion for world-leading healthcare thought-leaders. The science of ageing has matured, and we are now witnessing the dawn and rise of the longevity industry” - Dmitry Kaminskiy in BGRF Trustees Present at Financial Times and The Economist Longevity Conferences.

“Blockchain technologies are rapidly decentralizing and democratizing many different fields, industries and applications. Meanwhile, AI, and in particular deep-learning based approaches, have now become famous for its similarly disruptive potential. The next big field and industry to be transformed by the synergistic convergence of these two progress-galvanizing powerhouses is healthcare, and in particular the clinical translation and validation of therapies aiming to extend healthy, productive longevity" - Dmitry Kaminskiy in Biogerontology Research Foundation trustee to keynote at the Digital Health World Congress.

“Experts on AI safety often refer to the potential of AI to eliminate humans. But the real threat is in its ability to discriminate and we see that happening in machine learned predictors and classifiers today. It is imperative to have the ability to test for bias in the deep neural networks and identify strategies to make these systems fair and inclusive” - Dmitry Kaminskiy in The BGRF joins Diversity.AI to prevent age discrimination in aging biomarker development.

“This is just the start of a boom in the application of AI in healthcare. We are seeing the emergence of a new breed of company in this space, one with the opportunity to disrupt healthcare as we know it.” - Dmitry Kaminskiy in Health care is about to get smarter: The artificial intelligence boom.

“Securrency’s vision aligns with what we are doing at Humaniq. They provide entrepreneurs, researchers, and value creators a new path to the capital needed to fuel the technology revolution. By streamlining regulatory compliance and providing a ‘one-click’ path to capital markets, Securrency enables innovators to focus on bringing transformative ideas to market rather than getting bogged down in financial regulations and together we can pave the way for the convergence of technologies, financing, and commercialization into markets globally.” - Dmitry Kaminskiy in RegTech Startup Securrency Announces Partnership With International FinTech Firm Humaniq.

“After gaining some expertise in this sector, we understood that in some sense, playing your money in the casino is similar to investment in biotech, except at the casino you don't spent money on maintaining the fund and employing analysts. As we analyzed more and more companies, we were failing to identify those patterns and factors that made a company likely to achieve success. But surprisingly, as we began to analyze thousands of companies, we discovered certain parameters that were good at predicting the risk of failure. As this fact became clearer and clearer, our entire focus for the VC fund pivoted to focus exclusively on the longevity sector and on companies that foresaw the coming paradigm shift from treatment to prevention. The most novel AI techniques will start to show even better results. The more data there is, the better training data sets are, the better the outcomes.” - Dmitry Kaminskiy in Artificial intelligence gets a seat in the boardroom.

"The launch of this podcast represents an important benchmark in the continuation of our past efforts in increasing public awareness of ageing research, such as the Big Data Science in Medicine conferences that we produced at Oxford several years ago. Forming strategic partnerships with well-respected UK institutions in the London, Oxford and Cambridge triangle is part of a broader effort to heighten the status and recognition of ageing research within the UK academic and policy community and to support the provision of more funds into this important sphere, which has the potential to usher in a paradigm shift in healthcare away from palliative and reactionary disease treatment toward comprehensive personalized healthspan extension and disease prevention" - Dmitry Kaminskiy in The BGRF & Oxford University Scientific Society announce launch of 'The Longevity Podcast'

"Blockchain technologies are rapidly decentralizing and disrupting more fields and industries with each passing day. The disruptive potential of crypto economy and blockchain technologies has become apparent to many over the past year, and the time for its decentralizing potential to impact the life sciences space is upon us. Since its inception the Biogerontology Research Foundation has strove to stay on the cutting edge of applying highly innovative and disruptive cross-disciplinary approaches to geroscience and aging research, such as through its extensive use of AI and deep learning to the problem of biological aging, and this newest paper marks the beginning of the foundation's efforts to apply blockchain technology to the life sciences arena" - Dmitry Kaminskiy in BGRF scientists co-publish research paper on blockchain & AI for biomedical applications.‍

"I would really like to make similar bets with Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg so they could live longer lives and create great products, but I don't think they are worthy competitors on longevity yet, but I would like to challenge Sergey Brin and Larry Page to a similar competition due to their seemingly high interest in the sphere and Calico project." - Dmitry Kaminskiy in Anti-Aging Experts Made a Million-Dollar Bet on Who Dies Last, Gizmodo, 2015.


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