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Dmitry Kaminskiy Presents Landmark “AI in UK Industry Report” in the House of Lords of UK Parliament alongside Lord Clement-Jones and Birgitte Andersen

On October 26, 2018, Dmitry Kaminskiy presented in the UK Parliament keypoints from the landmark 2200 page AI Industry in UK Q3 2018 report jointly produced by Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics in coordination with the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on AI, alongside Lord Clement-Jones (Co-Chairman of the APPG on AI) and Birgitte Andersen (CEO of Big I), at a meeting convened to announce the report’s publication.

Kaminskiy presented several key findings of the report, including the current dynamics of the Global AI Race, why the UK can now be considered to be #3 in the global AI market, prospects of the UK AI industry from an investment point of view, and why the UK AI-industry and overall Advanced Digital Economy (convergence of AI, Blockchain, IoT, FinTech) has greater potentials for growth and success compared the EU.


Speaking to the present promise and future roadblocks to progress facing the UK AI Industry, Kaminskiy noted that “Considering international reputation of UK, cultural traditions, and overall level of industrial development we can also estimate that have the best chances to become the global leader in establishing the framework for so-called Trusted AI technologies. If the UK will proceed in the same direction as it was doing throughout 2017-2018, it has great potentials to become the new global leader of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the engine of economic growth and social progress, and the #1 leader of “Good Trusted AI”. However, the UK needs to focus on intersection of AI with preventive medicine and extending healthy period of life, and to view their two Grand Challenges - AI and Aging Population - in convergence, as spheres that can yield great synergy together to solve one of the most pressing social issue facing the nation, namely, the Aging Society.”


Several members of the House of Parliament were in attendance, including Stephen Metcalf and Damien Moore, as well as representatives from several top UK media brands such as The Telegraph. The meeting included statements from Lord Clement-Jones, CBE, who spoke about the current state of the UK AI Industry, and on the recent work being done by the APPG on AI. He also noted the rapid increase of Government-related activities aimed at securing the UK’s position as a leader in ethical AI, including Government efforts such as the establishment of the new Government Office for AI, as well as private sector partnerships and initiatives such as the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation.


Meanwhile, Birgitte Andersen the CEO of Big Innovation Centre spoke on how the UK now has an AI industry of critical scale in the global economy, with investment in UK AI businesses has now exceeding $5bn (£3.8bn) and growing, and how London is now both a leading global financial hub and an AI hub, home to more AI startups than any other European country, while also noting the scientific prowess and intellectual excellence emanating from AI-savvy UK universities and highlighting the UK’s reputation for developing strong ethical traditions relating to governance and business.


A major insight highlighted by the report is that the UK is rapidly becoming a global AI-powerhouse, currently ranking #3 globally, but with a strong likelihood to excel in specific subsectors and areas in the coming years. While China is actively challenging the US as the dominant leader in the international AI race, the UK has considerable prospects of becoming an international leader in some specific niches including healthcare and fintech, and in the development of AI ethics, governance and safety frameworks on a global scale. In particular, it has substantial potential to set the gold standard for “Good Trusted AI” and to develop international laws for the prevention of oppression, discrimination and biases resulting from the unethical use of AI.


The report is the largest industry analysis conducted to date, featuring individual profiles of the 1000 companies, 600 investors, 60 influencers, 30 tech hubs and research institutes, and multiple private and government entities, leading the development of the UK AI-industry. Big Innovation Centre coordinated the work behind the report and acquired input from the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI, which has been a vital source of expertise on the state of AI in the UK, while Deep Knowledge Analytics’ contribution was strengthened by its specific experience conducting advanced studies of DeepTech sectors and particularly on the global AI market in order to assist in the comparative analysis of the UK AI-industry against the background of the international AI landscape.

Effectively understanding the challenges and opportunities of the UK AI Industry landscape is exactly what this report has set out to achieve; serving as an effective tool for the tactical optimisation of the industry as a whole. There is no doubt that the UK will see tangible and practical deliverables as a result of this string of initiatives over the course of the next few years. The only remaining question pertaining to the specific nature and magnitude of those results is how these now-abundant resources and initiatives can be most effectively assembled, in a synergetic and convergent manner, in order to maximise the return on the investment of funds and non-monetary resources. This report is the first step in an ongoing effort to provide a framework for assessing the optimal road forward, and for developing an effective roadmap that can be used to assist in the efficient and synergetic assembly of the tools and assets which the UK has at its disposal.


Keypoints of Kaminskiy’s Speech at the AI Industry in UK Q3 2018 Meeting at Parliament


  • China has taken equal #1 position alongside US, if not the #1 position above US, in Global AI Race

     -China has now taken equal top position, and by some estimations has overtaken US as leader in global AI race,

     -Chinese government committed $150 billion to its AI industry to become the unquestioned world leader in AI by 2030,

     -Rise Chinese BAT Chinese Tech and IT Giants (BAT), who now outcompete US investors and IT/Tech Giants.

     -For the first time ever, Chinese VC tech investments have surpassed the US, only slightly, but with indication that it will continue to grow.


  • UK has Taken #3 Position in the Global AI Race

     -with 1000 AI companies in the UK, and taking in account the size of all related to AI ecosystem in the UK we can apparently make a statement that UK achieved the N3 position

     -And one of the significant complement factors was in particular proactive position and strategy on this matter of the UK Government,

     -and plus that the uniq synergetic constellation of factors (high density of tech academic and scientific hubs, know as OxBridge, the London-Oxford-Cambridge and attractive investment and financial landscape


  • UK has Significant Potentials to Become #1 Leader in Specific AI Subsectors: for example it could be FinTech or Healthcare

     -While it is not very much realistic to talk that UK can become equal to US and China in AI race, however it has excellent prospects to become #1 global leader fin some specific


  • The UK has Strong Potential also to Become #1 Leader of “Good Trusted AI” in the field of AI Safety and Ethics

Considering international reputation of UK, cultural traditions, and overall level development of society we can also estimate that have the best chances to become the global leader in establishing the framework for so-called Trusted AI technologies.

During last years issues related to data privacy, big data analysis biases and simply surveillance technologies powered by AI in regard US and China particular, gives UK very significant strategic competitive advantages.


  • UK Can Become Leader of International AI Cooperation

The UK has a long history of productive international cooperation, and can excel in the global AI race ever further by becoming the leader of international AI cooperation with countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Israel, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and UAE, using the particular skills and expertise of each country to create an optimized international nexus of AI activity. The US and China are too focused on isolated growth and dominance to become frontrunners of fair and unbiased international AI cooperation.


  • UK Should Focus on Synergy Between AI Growth and Solving the Aging Population Problem

It is notable that UK Government chose AI as #1 Grand Challenge, and Aging Population as #2. This is a sign that they have a very proactive national strategy. But to really excel in AI in Healthcare, and to really solve the Aging Population problem, the need to view these as related and synergetic challenges rather than isolated topics, and proactively promote the use of AI for AgeTech, Preventive Medicine and the extension of healthy longevity (healthy period of life)

  • UK Can Accelerate Progress in AI for Aging by Forging International Collaborations with Key Strategic Allies

By leveraging its strengths in fair and effective international collaborations, the UK can achieve an even greater dynamic of progress in applying AI to Aging Population by creating alliances with countries that suffer from demographic aging and that have advanced geroscience (science of aging) landscapes, like Japan (who already feel effects of aging society on healthcare economy), Israel (who has advanced aging science hubs), Hong Kong and Singapore (who have very developed technology hubs and some of the highest life expectancies in the world).


  • Blockchain Industry and Longevity Industry in the UK Analytical Reports

You might be also interested to review our reports Blockchain Industry which we produced together with Big Innovation Centre in the same was as we did report on the Longevity Industry in the UK (which we produced together with Aging Analytics Agency). The company focused on deep case studies related to the topics of preventive medicine and longevity, and specific issues related to the so-called Silver Tsunami and deficit of budgets of pension systems.


  • FINAL POINT: UK Set To Excel in Global AI Race, But Needs to Proactively Combat Specific Issues

If the UK will proceed in the same direction as it was doing throughout 2017-2018, it has great potentials to become the new global leader of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the engine of economic growth and social progress, and the #1 leader of “Good Trusted AI”. But UK needs to focus on intersection of AI with preventive medicine and extending healthy period of life.

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