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Dmitry Kaminskiy Delivers Keynote Presentation at RAADFEST 2017

Dmitry Kaminskiy, Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures and Managing Trustee of the Biogerontology Research Foundation delivered a keynote address at RAADFEST 2017, discussing The Business of Longevity and giving a sneak preview of a landmark analytical report on the emerging longevity industry titles Longevity Industry Landscape Overview 2017: The Science of Longevity.

RAADFEST 2017 showcased a diverse array of presenters, among them Mike West (CEO of AgeX Therapeutics and BioTime), Aubrey de Grey (VP of New Technology Discovery at AgeX Therapeutics and CSO of SENS Research Foundation), Suzanne Somers, Dr. Michael Rose, and many others.

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