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The Future of the Longevity Financial Industry

Healthy Longevity will reshape the global financial system and disrupt the business models of pension funds, insurance companies, banks, investment firms, and entire national economies.

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The Longevity Industry will be the Biggest and Most Complex Industry in Human History

The Longevity industry will dwarf all other industries in both size and market capitalization and will require unprecedented sophistication in its approach for assessment and forecasting from the start to neutralize challenges and manifest opportunities

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Longevity as New Government Strategy

Citizens of progressive technocracy driven countries can expect healthier, happier, and longer lives. As smart governments utilize progress in all sectors of the Longevity industry to maximize the health, wealth, and wellness of their citizens, Longevity will become a major electoral talking-point and policy priority that will determine the success of parties and politicians.

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A New Framework to Address Increasing Complexity in AI & DeepTech

Five years ago, innovation was driven by advancements in a single domain. Today, change occurs at the intersection of two or more scientific and technological domains.

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The Current State of Longevity Science

AI will accelerate real-world implementations of Longevity Science, enabling a paradigm shift from Precision Medicine to Precision Health.

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How AI Can Help Astronauts Stay Healthy on Long Duration Space Missions

As a result of microgravity, astronauts can lose as much as 50% of their muscle mass in less than 6 months in space. 

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AI for Drug Discovery 2019: Intelligence, Analysis, Forecasts

Investment in AI for Drug Discovery increased from $200M in 2015 to over $700M in 2018. Some analysts predict that the industry could reach a valuation of $20B by 2024.

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Specialized Metrics To Properly Assess AI-Pharma Startups

The level of sophistication used in due diligence should be on a par with the level of complexity in a given industry. AI-Pharma companies are 100 times as complex as FinTech companies. Methodologies used to assess them should be 100 times as rigorous.

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DeepTech News Briefs

This article is part of a DeepTech Series by Margaretta Colangelo and Dmitry Kaminskiy.

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DeepTech in Drug Discovery

“The drug discovery process consists of many phases and often takes decades. The probability of failure is very high at every stage. In preclinical phases the failure rates are over 99%. Our AI can be used in every one of these phases and in some cases lead to superhuman results. Our AI is exceptionally good at finding the molecular targets in specific diseases and inventing new chemistry.”

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DeepTech in Biomedicine

DeepTech companies are founded on scientific discoveries and engineering innovations

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BioPharma Must Innovate or Die

Although pharmaceutical companies spend over $172 billion on research and development annually, over 90% of molecules discovered using traditional techniques fail in human clinical trials. Moreover, 75% of newly approved drugs are unable to cover the cost of development and some analysts predict that ROI in R&D may hit zero by 2020.

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